The Coalition for the Struggle Against Prostitution

The Coalition Against Prostitution (CAP) was created and is facilitated by ATZUM’s Task Force on Human Trafficking. The CAP consists of 19 Israel governmental and government-affiliated organizations, as well as independent NGOs and online communities focused on aiding and advocating on behalf of victims of human trafficking and prostitution.  Members meet monthly, convene for crisis mitigation, and are in constant contact to address issues jointly.  CAP operates in the following realms: 

  • Legislation: To proscribe the purchase of sex and call for comprehensive rehabilitation of the trafficked/prostituted person.
  • Direct service: To promote and provide expanded treatment and rehabilitation services, including humanitarian aid, vocational and professional training, and access to social work and other services to victims of trafficking and prostitution.
  • Education: To change public perceptions of and raise awareness about prostitution and its connection to trafficking.
  • Advocacy: To demand justice for those lacking a voice to speak for themselves.



Harduf was established in 2010 as a joint undertaking of the Ministry of Welfare, the Be’er Sheva Municipality, and the Yachdav Association, a non-profit organization charged with ensuring the effective delivery of social service programming to residents across Israel’s southern region. Specifically, Bishvilech provides therapeutic-rehabilitative outreach to local women seeking to exit prostitution. For website access in Hebrew, click here.


Elem provides comprehensive services for high-risk youth and young adults. Among the more than 80 local and national programs they facilitate is “HaLev (The Heart) 24/7” – a joint undertaking with the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services and local welfare authorities. The initiative identifies and addresses issues related to the prostitution of minors. For website access in Hebrew, click here.

The Haifa Mobile Clinic

The clinic operates under Haifa’s District Health Office with the aim of minimizing the impact of prostitution on the individual. Outreach includes emergency humanitarian assistance; testing for sexually transmitted diseases; distribution of condoms; referrals to medical personnel; help to access other social services and more. For website access in English, click here.

Her Academy

Her Academy works to rehabilitate women survivors of prostitution and other forms of violence through employment and education. The organization offers a range of professional training programs. The goal is to help prepare them for “the day after” exiting prostitution, minimizing the chances of reverting to prostitution in the future. For website access in English, click here

Hope Center

Hope Center is committed to helping women and men exit the cycle of prostitution through rehabilitative employment. The organization’s “KitePride” social business initiative, based in Tel-Aviv, manufactures functional, one-of-a-kind bags, backpacks, and other accessories from upcycled kite-surfing and yacht sails, parachutes, and wetsuits, all made by survivors of human trafficking and prostitution. For website access in English, click here.

Jerusalem Institute for Justice

The JIJ was established to defend rule of law, human rights, freedom of choice and conscience, and democracy in Israel. Through its Project Noa initiative, the organization educates the public through national social media campaigns and community collaborations to raise awareness and attempt to change public perception of prostitution. The organization also works to modify public policy on related matters. For website access in English, click here.

Lo Omedet Menegged (Do Not Stand Aside)

“Do Not Stand Aside” began as a Facebook community of thousands of volunteers throughout Israel who provide practical, emotional, and material assistance to survivors of prostitution. Now a registered NGO, Do Not Stand Aside provides a virtual safe space for women who are or have been involved in prostitution to make their voices heard, access resources, and feel the support of others who care about them. For website access in English, click here.

The Levinsky Clinic

The Levinsky Clinic (The Center for the Promotion of Sexual Health) is a walk-in free treatment and counseling center, located in Tel-Aviv, attending to the immediate medical and social needs of people caught in prostitution. The clinic was established following the rise of trafficking of women into Israel in the 1990s and operates in partnership with the Ministry of Health. Services include physical examinations; access to medication; counseling and guidance in safe sex practices and sexually transmitted diseases; social work care and more. For website access in English, click here. Joining the Coalition in 2021 are three newly established clinics located in other city centers. All are affiliates of the Levinsky Clinic and include The Jerusalem Mobile Clinic, The Beer Sheva Mobile Clinic, and The Wolfson Clinic.

Ofek Nashi (Women’s Horizons)

The organization is a joint initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Haifa Municipality, and the Ministries of the Advancement of Women, Welfare and Social Services, and Health. Through its day center as well as a long-term hostel, the organization provides a variety of crisis intervention, relief services, and long-term assistance for prostituted women, including housing, financial aid, vocational training, weekly therapy groups, and more. For website access in Hebrew, click here.


Jointly operated by the Ministry of Welfare and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Saleet operates a range of intervention and rehabilitation services that reach women in the Tel Aviv area and beyond in the process of exiting prostitution or who seek escape. They include a national hotline, a safe emergency shelter, longer-term residential programming, a drop-in center, and more. For website access in Hebrew, click here.

Ha Miklat

This shelter for victims of Human Trafficking, of all nationalities and religions, was established in 2004. They provide a holistic array of services aimed at rehabilitation, from basic humanitarian assistance, legal assistance, employment, and housing support, as well as psychological assistance. Women are encouraged to testify against their traffickers and provided with appropriate protection and support. For website access in Hebrew, click here

Toda’a (The Awareness Center)

Toda’a aims to educate the public, particularly youth, about the scope and far-reaching consequences of sexual assault and prostitution and the role technology plays in targeting young people. It does so through educational training, lectures, and workshops offered at educational institutions around the country. For website access in Hebrew, click here.


Turning the Tables

Established in 2011, Turning the Tables promotes the economic and professional empowerment of people exiting the cycle of prostitution. The organization provides high-level, long-term vocational training in the apparel and marketing industries; facilitates a business hub to enable participants to showcase their own creations; and offers to mentor to assist with social and workplace integration. Programming takes place in Tel Aviv and Haifa. For website access in English, click here.

Beit Lina

A safe space in Tel Aviv for transgender people on the spectrum of prostitution. Beit Lina provides a temporary shelter including basic services (food, shelter, clothing) help in understanding and accessing public social services, and assistance finding safe housing, employment, medical care, and psychological assistance. For website access in Hebrew, click here

Ro’im Shakuf

In the center of Israel, Ro’im Shakuf provides assistance for men in the cycle of prostitution. They provide both a day center and a hostel, providing services similar to Beit Lina above.