Prostitution in Israel


76% of women said they would want to leave prostitution if they only had the ability to do so


62% of women in prostitution are mothers, 81% of them have children under the age of 18


The known age of entrance to prostitution is 13-14. This means that most people are not there by choice, but rather by lack of a supportive background

Human for Sale

14,000 women, men, transgenders, and minors are prostituted every day in Israel

Over 110 victims in Israel are known to lose their lives while in prostitution since 2010. The average age of death is 40.


Most women in prostitution have gone through harsh sexual assault during their childhood

תעשיית הזנות מגלגלת 1.3

The sex industry in Israel profits over 1.3 Billion Shekel a year. Only a sliver of that amount reaches the women themselves.

פחות מ-12 שנות לימוד

65% of Israelis in prostitution, and 80% of adult prostituted women, have completed fewer than 12 years of schooling. This presents a significant barrier to women’s ability to exit prostitution, as they lack the wherewithal to enter the workforce.

קטינות וקטינים

Consumption of minors prostitution in Israel is a felony, for which the punishment for is 5 years in prison. And still, 3,000 minors are prostituted every day, mostly through social media.

פוסט טראומה

30% of prostituted persons who approach or are approached by Israeli social services have attempted suicide.

ניסיונות אובדניים

According to studies, at least 85% of prostituted persons suffer from PTSD; 50% of those who reach social services are diagnosed with complex PTSD; and 40% are diagnosed with other psychiatric illnesses.

הטרדה מינית 2

90% of prostituted persons report suffering assault and sexual violence at the hands of clients. Many also suffer violence at the hands of pimps and/or brothel managers


On average, prostituted persons meet six clients daily; 25% report meeting seven clients per day; and many see as many as 20 clients a day. Prostituted women aged 18-24 report seeing eight clients daily.


71% of prostituted persons reported they remain in prostitution due to debts and other economic difficulties.