19 Dec

A viral video revealing the true story of prostituted women

On December 13th, a video clip related to the business card was published on social media revealing the true story of many prostituted women and the pain, suffering, and daily violence and abuse they endure. The video was produced by “Probon” Advertising and donated to TFHT. The video became viral, viewed by 740,000 individuals, and received thousands of “shares”. The video evoked widespread discussion about prostitution and its effects on society, as well as the need to address potential and current consumers of prostituted services. We are also aware that the video’s provocative language, “immodesty” and its directness engendered criticism about the limits of that discussion.

The plethora of business cards offering sex services spread over the public spaces of Israel is an epidemic, particularly evident in Tel-Aviv. Children collect them, playing card games with sexual, humiliating representations of women, while bystanders become indifferent to their constant exposure to this content. The message is clear: a woman’s body is for sale; prostitution is normalizing on Israel’s streets.

TFHT has acted in a number of ways to confront this phenomenon. As result, sporadic law enforcement actions were intended to decrease the distribution of the cards.

Within the framework of the TFHT’s Project 119, volunteers were invited to watch this video and share it, join that discussion, and assist TFHT confront the violence and abuse behind the pictures on the cards. The greater the awareness of these issues, the more effective our efforts to eliminate prostitution, trafficking and violence towards women.

You can watch the video here: