20 Dec

UN Report – where is Israel’s response to child prostitution?

A recent report by the UN slammed Israel’s response to child prostitution – stating that there is no controlled coordination between agencies of the state to deal with the problem, no clear data and no sufficient prosecution for perpetrators.

UN concerns included:

  • ‘The Committee is concerned at the absence of a comprehensive dis-aggregated data collection system covering all offences under the Optional Protocol.’
  • ‘The Committee regrets the absence of a comprehensive policy and strategy on children that includes all issues covered by the Optional Protocol.’
  • ‘The Committee is concerned that the lack of birth certificates, in particular for migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children, may present an obstacle to ascertaining the age of victims when investigating offences under the Optional Protocol and to their accessing medical and rehabilitation services.’
  • ‘The Committee is concerned that the number of investigated cases of the offences under the Optional Protocol is low, that only a small percentage of those cases lead to prosecution and that penalties for offences relating to child prostitution and child pornography are not always commensurate to the gravity of the crime.’

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