06 Jul

Even if we ignore it, prostitution exists, and this is how it sounds

One of the least discussed issues regarding prostitution is the role of the consumer, the client (or john) who drives the entire “industry”, creating demand for prostitution.

Prostituted people report that johns come from diverse socioeconomic and religious backgrounds.  Most are in committed relationships, or married, with families.The recently published National Survey on Prostitution in Israel conducted by the Ministries of Social Affairs and Public Security revealed that men purchase sex one million times each year, paying over one and one-quarter billionIsrael shekels for such services.

Disappointingly, however, the survey contained only limited research into the primary driving factor – consumption. It is unfortunate that government authorities have yet to acknowledge the critical role of clients in the enduring phenomenon of enslaving others in prostitution.

It is time for Israel society to raise the curtain on those who purchase prostitution, to bring to attention their responsibility in perpetrating the systematized violent exploitation of thousands of people, the majority girls and women. We must call out the client, who, together with pimps and traffickers, sustains the vicious cycle of prostitution.

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08 Feb

Shutdown of sex-trafficking websites long overdue

By Alisa Bernard, The Seattle Times, 22/01/2016


I CRIED with joy when I learned the King County Sheriff’s Office, the Bellevue Police Department, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the FBI shut down one of the longest-running sites promoting prostitution in the Northwest.

I know it’s one of the oldest online sites because more than a decade ago my body was being sold on it.

This website allows sex buyers to review women they have bought, encourages other men to do the same, and it does nothing to reduce the harm to these women. Reviews include such details as whether the women matched their pictures, to prices for each sex act or hour, thinly veiled in board lingo as “donations.”Continue Reading Shutdown of sex-trafficking websites long overdue