18 Mar

Significant advance in the struggle to eliminate Prostitution and Trafficking in Israel

Last week, TFHT’s Criminal Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services and Community Treatment Bill was submitted by MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli (HaBayit HaYehudi) and MK Zehava Galon (Meretz) to the Knesset. The bill has already garnered the support of 40 coalition and opposition MKs. This is an encouraging and crucial step forward in our campaign to eliminate prostitution and rehabilitate its victims in Israel.


הצעת החוק

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07 Mar

Standing with the victims of prostitution on International Women’s Day

March 8th, we will celebrate International Women’s Day. The day will also be marked in the Knesset plenum and at the sittings of committees considering legislation affecting women’s status. Among those bills is one authored by TFHT addressing prostitution, a degrading social phenomenon assaulting many walks of Israeli life.

This week we asked Project 119 to email the Minister of Social Equality, Gila Gamliel, to bring to her attention the state of prostituted women and call upon her to support the Nordic Model bill.

יום האישה

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02 Feb

Preventing the next victim of prostitution

Two prostituted women, M’ who was 21 and N’, 46, have tragically died last month. Both were known to the welfare authorities for their repeated attempts to exit the circle of prostitution. They now join a too long list of 51 prostituted women in Israel who died in the past decade – and of these there is public record, there undoubtedly being many more. May their souls rest in peace. Click here to read the article published in Haaretz about M’.

For those trapped in prostitution, every day that passes without significant, progressive, legal and social change is critical. Last year, an inter-ministerial committee was established by the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, to examine possible Government sponsorship of the “Nordic Model” bill written by TFHT.

80 אחוז
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19 Dec

A viral video revealing the true story of prostituted women

On December 13th, a video clip related to the business card was published on social media revealing the true story of many prostituted women and the pain, suffering, and daily violence and abuse they endure. The video was produced by “Probon” Advertising and donated to TFHT. The video became viral, viewed by 740,000 individuals, and received thousands of “shares”. The video evoked widespread discussion about prostitution and its effects on society, as well as the need to address potential and current consumers of prostituted services. We are also aware that the video’s provocative language, “immodesty” and its directness engendered criticism about the limits of that discussion.

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15 Dec

It’s about time to close the Pussycat Club

TFHT repeatedly confronted the Tel-Aviv Municipality and Israeli Police about the Pussycat Club, a strip club notorious for running a brothel in its back rooms undisturbed by any local authority. Finally, the police raided the Club, founding evidence of sexual services solicited, and ordered the destruction of its “private” rooms.

Subsequently, last week TFHT filed an administrative appeal against the Tel-Aviv Municipality and its Mayor, Ron Huldai, asking the court to cancel it’s license and close the Club.


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17 Jul

Keeping Up with the Times: Combating Prostitution on the Internet

According to the national survey on prostitution, conducted by the Ministries of Social Services and Public Security, the virtual world has become a significant platform for the recruitment, advertisement, operation and sale of sexual services and prostitution. The survey found that in 2014 there were about 670 active Israeli “sex websites.”

Examination of these websites exposes an entire virtual industry with thousands of advertisements of sexual nature. They include many that clearly violate the law against prostitution-related offenses (such as pimping and advertising the sale of sexual services), feature erotic pictures of minors and solicitation ads for prostitution, and offer sexual services that are provided online.


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17 Jun

In Israel’s Prostitution Industry, the Women Supervisors Get Exploited Too

Non-sex work at a brothel is still selling sex. Plus there’s the danger of a violent customer, while male managers make the big money. If only Israel’s courts understood.

Vered Lee,  Jun 17, 2016,  Ha’aretz

Over the course of a year, Meital, a 35-year-old single mother, ran a brothel – a “small and solid” place, she says. “I rented a simple furnished apartment in a poor, neglected and crumbling building. I published an ad and employed a woman as a prostitute. I started with one and moved on to two as things developed,” says Meital – all the women’s names have been changed for this story. “The place was open from 9 A.M. until 4 P.M., when I would answer the phone from my other job, and when there wasn’t any interest in the morning, the place was open in the evening.”

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09 Jun

One brothel closed, what about the rest?

On May 30th, Judge Itai Hermelin of the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court ruled that the brothel at 36 Yitzhak Sadeh Street must be closed for 90 days. At the same time, the judge stated that in the future brothels run by women – as opposed to men – should not be targeted.

The Yitzhak Sadeh brothel is a well-known and especially large operation and we welcome its closing as a part of a trend of greater law enforcement against commercial sex establishments in Tel Aviv and the rest of the country. However, we must also recognize that the ruling exposes the failure of our current laws to provide a comprehensive solution to prostitution in Israel. By concentrating only on related offenses (such as pimping and owning a brothel), our laws attempt to tackle the issue without addressing the two main players – the women trapped in the cycle of prostitution and the customers who continue to fuel the demand for the “industry.”

The ruling puts Israel on a dangerous path towards legalization by providing the conditions under which the operation of a brothel may be legal. Allowing women to operate brothels does not empower or improve the conditions of women in prostitution. It only helps further entrench in our society the acceptability of purchasing sexual services and ensures institutional support for the exploitation of women in the sex industry. Furthermore, it supplies pimps and human traffickers with the know-how to mask their operations as legitimate businesses – for example, by instructing the prostituted women to claim ownership of and support for the business when questioned by police.

We must stop this dangerous trend toward legalization of prostitution in Israel. The time has come for Israel to reform its prostitution laws and adopt the Nordic Model. We call on the Israeli Knesset members to join the Coalition Against Prostitution’s demand to criminalize the purchase of sexual services and provide aid to those trapped in prostitution.

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