About Us

Prostitution is not the world’s oldest profession; deplorably it is its oldest form of oppression, in nearly every instance a type of sexual servitude. Virtually every study reveals that 90% of those involved in prostitution are forced to do so by pimps and brothel owners. Currently, purchasing sex is legal in Israel.

The Task Force on Human Trafficking (TFHT), established by ATZUM – Justice Works in collaboration with Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar, is a multi-pronged initiative engaging the Israel Government, enforcement agencies and the public to confront and eradicate human trafficking (understood as modern slavery) by lobbing for reform in the areas of prevention, border closure, prosecution of traffickers and pimps, and the protection of trafficked and prostituted women.

For the last decade, THFT  has led the battle to ensure the passage of the Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services and Community Treatment Bill. Proposed legislation is based on Nordic Model law – the international standard intended to criminalize the purchase of sexual services and protect the prostituted person nearly always coerced into sexual servitude. Notably, such legislation has resulted in the reduction of all forms of prostitution in the countries in which it has been passed.